In today's fast-paced world, the general population operates their daily lives under tremendous amounts of stress.  In order to cope, we learn to do what we have to "just get through" the moment, often becoming disconnected from our true feelings about what is happening (or has happened) in our lives.  It is completely normal to want to avoid painful feelings.  However, the deprivations (sleep, diet, exercise, ignoring our feelings…) and excesses (food, alcohol, work, spending….) that we develop as a means of distraction can lead us into unbalanced, chaotic states where we continue to lose control over our lives.  Therapy encourages you to examine your life and take a look at past experiences that may be getting in your way.

All symptoms and behaviors are purposeful...

even if the purpose is unconscious!




Psychotherapy is the process of talking out your issues with a professionally trained mental health provider, exploring the conscious and unconscious forces that motivate our behavior.  The goal of therapy is to raise your level of awareness.  Clients are guided to become aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and to investigate if there is congruency with what they are thinking, feeling, and doing. The process helps each person develop greater insight into themselves, with an emphasis on reducing symptoms and increasing coping skills.


Clients are encouraged to explore the roots of behaviors and to take responsibility for creating choices and change.

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